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We only started keeping quotes as of the session on 7/28/99. The following are a bunch of quotes from earlier sessions that survived despite the lack of a quote page:

Valentine: "I don't know the language. will that be a problem?"

GM: "Chaos is brimming with Trump Artists."
Kiron: "Chaos is rimming with Trump Artists?"

Ramon: "I strike with the fury of 10 men!"

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7/28/99: "Space Pirates From Brandspace"

Our first quote is attributed to Nathan's laptop computer, which had this to say:
"Microsoft Word is converting Valentine."

Xenofal: "I forgot if we actually had a plan."

GM: "Valentine moves a little,,,"
Ramon: "I kick him in the head."

Valentine: "Oh, the defense of Amber? I suppose that is important from a certain point of view..."

Kiron: "I attack with the fury of 10 dentists,... well, 9 out of 10."

Ramon (as he Trumps Corwin to ask him about Kiron): "Listen,...Kiron,..."
Corwin: "No, I'm Corwin."

Corwin: "[Kiron's] been looking for me for a while, but I don't know why, he could've drawn a trump of me anytime."
Bill (Kiron's player): "Oh yeah! Why didn't I think of that?"

Valentine (to Xenofal as their conversation grinds to a halt and they just stand around looking at each other): "This is my ship, so if one of us is going to leave, it's going to be you."

Valentine: "Where's the cart?"
Xenofal: "That's the other pain you feel."

Kiron: "You've heard of pipe bombs? Xeno's making a pipe surface-to-space missile."

Ramon: "Any theories on Dworkin?"
Corwin: "Well,... he's nuts..."

Ramon: "Remember one of the first things you ever told me? About Xenofal?"
Valentine: "Yes?"
Ramon: "That's one for you."

Valentine: "Sort of like Corwin's Avatar? --Not as surly, I hope."
Ramon: "Not at all."
Xenofal: "Not as French."

Xenofal (asking for clarification on how hellriding works): "Is there such a thing as 'Hell-Inertia'?"

Kiron: "Where are the Wonder Twins when you need them?"
(ok, so there are an awful lot of situations where having a bucket of water is handy, it still doesn't make it a cool superpower to be able to turn into one.)

Random: "If it interferes with the universe, it interferes with me."

Ramon: "I think we should bring Kiron in on this because Bill looks lonely."

It doesn't make for any good quotes, but it should be mentioned that Nathan led a digression for a while where we went from being "snooty first series purists" to being "snooty first chapter purists," and finally "snooty first sentence purists."


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