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9/99-10/99: "Bill Is a Bad Quotes Page Keeper"

During September and October, Bill (the Quotes Page keeper) has gotten engaged, had a birthday, had a lot of work, and done a bad job of maintaining the quotes page. In addition, there's been a lot more secret talks with the GM, which limits the amount of eavesdropping Bill can do, which leads to fewer quotes. So here are all the quotes from 9/8/99 through 10/27/99, in no particular order:

GM: "Bigger bloop and a smaller bloop."

Valentine: "It's, like, a city, or it's like a city?"

Valentine: "Why the look on your face?"
GM: "Bad Clam."

Ramon: "I withhold my rage."
Valentine: "Yeah, don't turn green yet,... 'Ramon Smash!'"

GM: "There's a very small Shadow Path."
Kiron: "Shadow Bath?"
GM: "Yeah, it gets you the One, True, Clean."

The GM & Ramon leave the room. They return.
"Ok, then I'll complete the contact."
The GM & Ramon leave the room again.

Kiron: "Alright, I'll turn into a giant earthworm..."

Kiron: "I think killing Caine would be a good idea even if he isn't behind this."
Valentine: "He's probably behind something?"
Kiron: "Nah, it'd just reduce the complexity of the universe."

GM: "That's what happens when your player's asleep."

Kiron: "I assure you I'm not in contact with anyone who's not trustworthy."
Valentine: "What about Caine?"
Kiron: "What about Caine?"

Kiron: "Can't you find stupid guards out in Shadow?"
Ramon: "Xeno could."

Ramon: "You're not doing a very good job of killing [Kiron.]"
Valentine: "He's won my heart."

Ramon: "Your 'Thought For the Day:' That jewel at the top of the Pyramid, if it were safe to take away, Valentine would've done it long before we got there."

Melissa (Kiron's player's fiancé): "Were you going to make a Bestiality comment?"

Xenofal: "Have they seen me yet?" (Xeno has shadowshifted aboard a small spaceship, about the size of a Star Trek shuttlecraft.)
Kiron: "You're riding a Wyvern."
Xenofal: "I guess they have."

Xenofal: "Cool--the guns aren't working. I'll charge them."

Valentine: "How did you get here?"
Xenofal: "Wyvern."

Kiron: "It's a Trump Trick, it sent you up your ass."

Melissa (Kiron's player's fiancé): "Yay for cooperation!"

GM: "It's your wife, she shuts down your brain."
Kiron: "I don't notice and continue with my plans."

Ramon: "I don't have all the answers." --At last! He admits it!

Valentine: "So, is the jewel re-establishing contact with the others?" (overheard after Valentine presumably moved the jewel he told us could not be moved without threatening the universe.)

Kiron: "I Trump my uncle..."
Ramon(singing): "Shut your Trumping face, Uncle Trumper/ You're a boner-biting bastard Uncle Trumper/ You're an Uncle Trumper I must say/Well, you Trumped your Uncle yesterday..."

GM (to Kiron): "You become a Big Nasty Chaos Squirrel,... and that's a new one, so it'll take a while."

Kiron: "There are giant squirrels in the big tree."
Darna: "Really."
Kiron: "They aren't friendly. They are easy to defeat in Psychic Combat though."

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