Prince Lewis

Bastard Son of King Random and the Lady Morganthe

HMS Rebma

A Bastard in Hiding

Lewis was one of two twins born of the union between King Random of Amber and the Lady Morganthe of Rebma. The twins, although never specifically kept secret, were unknown to Amber through most of their lives. They grew up not knowing their father. Their only contact with that side of the family had been through their Aunt Llewella and Uncle Benedict.

While Lewis' twin brother Martin tended to be more outgoing and adventurous, Lewis was always a quiet and introspective child. Soon after Martin walked the Pattern, Lewis walked it as well. He then sought out his brother and found him with Benedict. Benedict agreed to train the twins in the use of the Pattern, as well as various other subjects that Benedict was more skilled in. Martin took to these studies and kept pushing Benedict to let him explore further and for longer periods of time. Lewis tired of the direction of these lessons and returned home to Rebma.

Once back in Rebma, Lewis started experimenting with Magic. After an explosion nearly leveled the coral reef that Lewis had been using as a lab, Lewis' Aunt Llewella decided to tutor the lad. Lewis took to his Aunt's teaching much more naturally, and was soon excelling both at Magic and at the use of his new Pattern abilities. Lewis spent most of his time in Rebma during this period.

Lewis soon learned that another uncle of his had been seen in Rebma and was asking about Martin. Lewis checked with a number of people who Brand had spoken with, and grew suspicious. He didn't know what Brand might be up to, but he remembered Benedict telling him never to trust his other Uncles. Since Brand hadn't mentioned him, Lewis made sure that none of the other people Brand spoke to would mention him either. Lewis tried to chase down Martin after that to warn him, but was unable to find him. After a time had passed and nothing bad seemed to have happened, Lewis decided to forget the incident.

Lewis was away from Rebma for the year that his father spent there. Upon discovering what had happened while he was gone, Lewis assumed that Vialle had told Random of his and his brother's existence. For some reason she had not, and Lewis had learned to trust Vialle's instincts in most things from the brief time he had spent with her. He thus didn't reveal himself to his father and continued his studies a bit farther from Amber.

Much later, Lewis found out what Brand had done to his brother. He wanted to rush to his brother's side, but his brother was now in Amber with their father and their other relatives, and Lewis was feeling a bit overly cautious. He asked Llewella and Benedict not to mention him until after the crisis was over. They agreed and Lewis didn't meet his father until after the army returned from Patternfall.

Random agreed to keep Lewis' existence a secret. This left Lewis free to indulge in his studies. Lewis was finally starting to open up a bit, and decided that he needed to see more and do more. Never one for unstructured wandering, though, Lewis approached Benedict and asked if he could help him out and use that as an opportunity to see things. Since then, Lewis has been doing odd jobs for Benedict. These odd jobs have taken him far and wide in Shadow, and he has discovered a guild of librarians that extend throughout most areas of Shadow. He has taken to conferring with a member whenever he first enters a Shadow as a general rule.

Lewis has kept himself very secret throughout his life. His only interaction with most of his relatives has been on those extremely rare occasions when he pretends to be Martin. This has taken its toll on him, and he is starting to wish that he could get to know some of his other relatives more. In particular, his father has always had good things to say about Corwin and he knows that Martin has befriended Merlin. Perhaps it is time for Lewis to introduce himself to the company of his relatives...