Xenofal and Valentine brought Kiron to Barimen. Barimen used to be a House of Chaos, but now is located in stable Shadow. They have Pattern-powered spaceships, and Xenofal and Valentine decided that they needed such ships in order to effectively follow the ships that are flying over Amber.

Kiron thought this was a very bad idea, but they wouldn't listen. Kiron and Xenofal went to have an audience with Lord Barimen. Xenofal agreed to help reinforce the shadowpaths between Barimen and Chaos, Kiron offered to open up diplomatic ties between Hendrake and Barimen, and both asked to borrow one of the Pattern ships. Lord Barimen refused.

Xenofal then went to talk with the engineers in order to establish an alibi while Kiron headed back to the ship that they had left Valentine on. Unfortunately, by the time Kiron got back to the ship, Valentine had gone missing. There were signs of a struggle.

Kiron Trumped Xenofal, who came through to look over the scene. He agreed that there were indeed signs of a struggle, and then Trumped Brigit and disappeared, telling Kiron to look into it himself and find other ships if he wanted to and then contact him later.

At a loss, Kiron went off and <<contents deleted for security purposes>> Kiron then Trumped Xenofal and let him know that someone whose judgment he trusted believed that not only were Barimen the ones flying ships over Amber, but also that it would be a bad idea to pester them at this time. Xenofal seemed much less friendly than he usually was.

Kiron then Trumped Ramon and handed him the Trump that he had used to contact Sir Wences back in Amber when Ramon had grown suspicious of him. Kiron assured him that this Trump would serve to assuage all of their suspicions of Kiron and Kiron's activities.

Kiron then figured that his time with the Amberites was over, at least for now, so he headed home to Chaos