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After that avenue turned out to be fruitless, Kiron decided to contact Merlin again. During the conversation it became apparent that Corwin was present on Merlin's end. Kiron and Corwin then began to talk.

Kiron explained that he wished to put an end to the debt of honor between him and Corwin. He also explained that he wished to serve Amber for a time. Corwin seemed suspicious but agreed to refer the matter to Random.

Kiron later received a Trump contact from Princess Florimel. Florimel asked about his intentions and Kiron explained them. Florimel broke off the communications.

A few days later, Florimel called again and brought Kiron to Amber. There he was met by King Random, Xenofal, and a cadre of guards. Kiron once again explained himself, and then was brought intoa reception area where food was served.

Kiron was then entrusted into the care of Xenofal, one of the heroes of Patternfall. Xenofal took Kiron to see the seedy underbelly of Amber. They then got into a bar fight with the rest of the patrons and then ducked out the back.

Next on the agenda was exploring the caves in Kolvir. Xenofal led Kiron up from the caves at the beach. They passed many uninteresting caves, then came upon one incredibly interesting cave.

Once they found a dead end, Kiron and Xenofal retired to a fast-time shadow where Kiron painted a Trump of Xenofal, a Trump of the dining hall in Amber, and two Trumps of the interesting cave. Kiron and Xenofal then Trumped back to Amber in time for breakfast.

At breakfast, Kiron met Ramon, which went very well at first. Later on, Xenofal brought up that spaceships were seen approximately fifty miles to the west of Amber. Random went off and Trumped osmeone and had an argument about that person coming back to Amber.

Kiron then Trumped Sir Wences, his bodyguard (see above). He asked Sir Wences to take down a note for him that there were spaceships headed for Amber.

Ramon imediately got upset with Kiron and asked that Kiron Trump Sir Wences again and bring him through, to which Kiron explained that Sir Wences was a demon and unable to survive in Amber.

Kiron and Xenofal then decided to take two of Kiron's Wyverns and fly off in search of the spaceships. Although they briefly enlisted the aid of Llewella, Kiron and Xenofal eventually ended up getting Valentine to help them chase down the Spaceships. Valentine then led them to a place of no magic which seemed to concern the two Amberites greatly. They found trilithons there. Eventually they decided to follow the Trilithons away from where Amber would be if Amber were in this Shadow.

After awhile, the three grew tired of their slow pace. They tried a few things, none of which worked, and then headed off to Barimen.