Amber Castle, by Bill Dowling

"Loose Ends" is a Patternfall-canon, "snooty first-series purists" campaign - got no Logrus, got no sentient powers. Shortly after the conclusion of the Patternfall War, Random is King, Fiona and Bleys are unofficially you understand unwelcome in Amber, Chaos and Amber have exchanged ambassadors, and Corwin and Merlin are off together, trying to find Corwin's own Pattern and whatever shadows it cast.

The campaign began in February 1998 with Barbara, Dave, and Nate, but when Jim Henley joined a new auction was held. Jim Ghiloni joined in August, but due to family obligations, he has played mostly via email,
Major Episodes
1. Journey to Brandspace
2. The Man in the Tower
3. Moon Over My Amber
4. Binah There, Done That
making a personal appearance at the climax of the Ghenesh War. Bill gave the campaign an artistic makeover and its first PC from Chaos beginning in April 1999.

Kiron Goes Both Ways, by Bill Dowling

The Player Characters:

Alexander, son of Fiona (Jim Ghiloni)Brigit, daughter of Bleys (Barbara Cuthill)Kiron, son of Borel (Bill Dowling)Ramon, son of Corwin (Jim Henley)Valentine, a foundling (Nathan Bruinooge)Xenofal, son of Seanette (Dave Nebiker)

We've been using the partial powers system from Paul Dickinson's Puppeteers PBEM campaign -- except for the part about the Logrus, mind you!

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