Gustav is the first of the three children of Martin and Cassandra, born in Amber Year (AY) 303.


Gustav is about 5 foot 9 inches in height, with a thick fringe of black hair surrounding a shiny bald top. He is heavy set, but still nimble on the dance floor. Tending towards simple garments in earth tones when about his own business, his attire never fails to impress when attending diplomatic and social functions.


Gustav is a gourmand, opening his own restaurant when the cuisine in Amber City proved too limited. One of the delights he takes in travelling shadow is experiencing new and different tastes he can find.

Gustav likes to travel. Since the death of his mother, he hasn't gone more than five years in the environs of Amber before setting sail for distant lands. Normally these trips of his last anywhere from six months to two years, although there have been some notable exceptions. This wanderlust, more than any particular diplomatic skill, is what prompted Martin to make Gustav his High Ambassador, and head of the Foreign Office. Martin encourages him to make regular visits to kingdoms throughout the Golden Circle, reinforcing the shadow paths between them as he does so.

Gustav owns a comfortable townhouse in the city of Amber which is his main residence when not travelling. He maintains a personal suite in the castle comparable to those maintained by the other princes and princesses of Amber, which often see use when he is about the castle on one sort of business or another, but he rarely spends the night there.

Gustav has a bit of an eye for the ladies, perhaps inspired by the antics of his older brother Galen though nowhere as prodigeous. The occasional pretty boy has caught his attention also, much to the delight of the society gossips. His current mistress, Natashia, he brought back with him from shadow. Her background is a mystery.

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