Amber's Foreign Office

A partial listing of foreign office personnel.

Foreign Office Staff
Duke Duke Sukar - Ambassador to Memphis. Descendant of Darel Sukar who died in this post in 169, precipitating war between Amber and Memphis.
Harold Harold Greene - Head of Mission: Genesh Embassy. from a well-to-do merchant family, nephew of a current member of Ambers Foreign Trade Commission. Competent. Conservative. Unimaginative. 53 years old. Hapily married, with two children aged 22 and 29.
Charles Charles Kingsley - Head of Mission: Katan Embassy. worked his way up through the civil service ranks. Highly competent. Conservative. Analytical. 47 years old. Widower, with a daughter aged 19 who works as a secretary for the embassy.
Winston Winston Adler - Head of Mission: Antioch Embassy. former merchant captain. Peg-legged. Competent. Highly conservative. Disciplinarian. Quick thinking. 56 years old. Loveless marriage, with three children aged 28, 35, and 37. Mistress.
Vladislav Vladislav Calvert - Head of Mission: Corillaine Embassy. well-to-do retired merchant. Competent. Open minded. Jovial. Likes the theatre. Aspires to be a poet (has little talent). 61 years old. Batchelor.
Archibald Archibald Masters - Head of Mission: Memphis Embassy. brother-in-law to the ambassador to Memphis. Barely competent. Flamboyant. Practical joker. Liberal. 35 years old. Womanizer. Fascinated by, and tinkers with, local magic.