AmberÝs Maritime Presence

The office of Master of the Seas includes under its jurisdiction AmberÝs Navy, the Royal House of AmberÝs Merchant ships, and the office of the Harbor Master.

What's new

What's changed in Amber's navy is its increase due to the recruitment of the ex-Pirates and concerns about threats to Amber leading to the need for a larger navy. Amber has added 5 ships since the start of the campaign: the galleon, Mary Rose; Stormrider, a ship of a new design for sailing in the storms around Haven; Comet, a new clipper; and Argos and Calypso, two new frigates. Amber's navy has increased by about 900 men approximately evenly divided between sailors and marines.

Amber has lost one ship, the Rebecca. While this ship was assigned to Prince Gustav's use, Prince Dexter appears to have decided to sink it in iceberg infested waters for reasons which remain obscure.

AmberÝs Seagoing Ships

These are standard descriptions. Since ships would be in service for 50-75 years (baring sinking in storms, combat, etc.), there would be some variation among the ships in terms of design and speed.

20 Armed Merchantmen
(note: these are the merchant ships actually owned by the Royal House of Amber, there would be others (approximately 75?) under private ownership of AmberÝs wealthier trading houses)
 Crew: 50 Merchant Marine
 Masts: 3
 Length: 150 feet at the keel; 170 feet at the waterline; 180 feet longest point
 Width (beam): 43 feet
 Draught: 21 feet
 Materials: Oak hull (10-15 inches thick)
 Mast Heights: foremast: 175 feet; mainmast: 200 feet; mizzenmast: 150 feet
 Armament: 12 ballistas
 Speed: 10 knots

Armed merchantmen carry cargo and supplies to and from Amber to the Golden Circle kingdoms. They are designed to outrun most pirates with some armament but also significant cargo capacity. In time of war, they can be used as troop transports.

14 Frigates
 Crew: 150 Navy Sailors + 50 Marines
 Masts: 3
 Length: 150 feet at the keel; 175 feet at the waterline; 204 feet longest point
 Width (beam): 43 feet
 Draught: 23 feet
 Materials: Oak hull (15-20 inches thick) with copper sheeting over it
 Mast Heights: foremast: 198 feet; mainmast: 220 feet; mizzenmast: 172 feet
 Armament: 30 ballistas + 8 Catapults
 Speed: 14 knots

Frigates are the standard Amber warship. They are built to comprimise between speed and ability to fire projectiles.  The ships are intended to be fast enough not to be forced to engage in combat unless it is to their advantage. They should also be fast enough to catch pirate ships.

1 Galleon

Crew Size: 450 (400 sailors + 50 marines)
Masts: 3
 Length: 300 feet at the keel; 330 feet at the waterline; 354 feet longest point
 Width (beam): 102 feet
 Draught: 74 feet
 Materials: Oak hull (15-20 inches thick) with copper sheeting over it
 Mast Heights: foremast: 250 feet; mainmast: 300 feet; mizzenmast: 225 feet
 Armament: 60 ballistas + 12 Catapults
 Speed: 20 knots

The Galleon originated outside Amber in a shadow called Essa. Amber has aquired one through the efforts of Diedre and Admiral Grace with its crew. The Amber navy is still determining how best to use this new ship of the line.

4 Clippers
 Crew: 120 Navy Sailors + 30 Marines
 Masts : 4
 Width (beam):
 Mast Heights:
 Armament:6 ballistas
 Speed: 35 knots

Clippers are designed for speed and do not comprimise in any way to get maximum speed out of their sails. There are some ballistas on board, but the armament is very light for the size of the ship do to the hull design. There is very little room for the ballistas.  There is very limited cargo capacity. The clippers are for expensive cargos that the need to be moved quickly. Clippers are also heavily used for messages and diplomatic correspondance to the Golden Circle kingdoms. There are no known ships that can outrun (or even keep up with) Clippers.

Clippers are viewed by some as expensive toys. They are relatively new to AmberÝs fleet.

One clipper is permanently assigned to the High Ambassador for his use.

Crew: 65 Navy + 50 marines
Masts: 3
Length: 130 feet at the keel; 140 feet at the waterline; 155 feet longest point
Width (beam): 65 feet
Draught: 20 feet
Materials: seasoned wood
Mast Heights: foremast: 70 feet; mainmast: 285 feet;
Armament: 8 ballistas
Speed: 20 knots

Stormrider is a special purpose ship designed to go through storms safely. Specifically designed to enter the storms surrounding the Island of Haven.

2 Royal Yachts
 Crew: 30 Navy Sailors
 Masts: 2
 Length: 70 feet at the keel; 85 feet at the waterline; 110 feet longest point
 Width (beam): 30 feet
 Draught: 14 feet
 Materials: Oak hull (10-15 inches thick) with copper sheeting over it
 Mast Heights: foremast: 108 feet; mainmast: 120 feet
 Armament: 8 ballistas
 Speed: 10 knots

The Royal Yachts are primarily for the local travel of the Royal family and guests. The Royal Yachts are sometimes taken as far as other Golden Circle kingdoms which is why they are built as seagoing vessels. They are designed to withstand attack and have decent speed, but are definately not warships. The primary use is to have a private space for the royals and guests to leave the city and castle behind and enjoy the water.

Staff at headquarters/reserve:
 Merchant Marine: 10
 Navy: 60
 Marines: 330

Headquarters staff is minimal and just there to keep records and manage the fleetÝs business.

Office of the Harbormaster:

The office of the Harbormaster also falls under the Master of the Seas. This is a purely domestic function combining coast guard, harbor patrol and customs. The ships under the Harbormaster are much smaller than the oceangoing ships and not as well armed. They are not expected to engage in combat with warships.

6 Ferrys/Small Cargo Ship
 Crew: 10
 Masts: 1
 Length: 25 feet
 Width (Beam): 10 feet
 Draught: 5 feet
 Materials: Pine
 Mast Height: 28 feet
 Armament: none
 Speed: 5 knots

Ferrys are used to get supplies to outlying islands and to ships anchored outside the harbor when the harbor is to busy to accomodate everyone. They also take supplies to and from Cabra.

6 Coastal/Harbor Patrol
 Crew: 30
 Masts: 2
 Length: 65 feet at the keel; 80 feet at the waterline; 105 feet longest point
 Width (beam): 26 feet
 Draught: 14 feet
 Materials: Cedar Hull (10-15 inches thick)
 Mast Heights: foremast: 90 feet; mainmast: 108 feet
 Armament: 6 ballistas
 Speed: 8 knots

The Harbor Patrol ships make sure that AmberÝs coasts are safe. They patrol for spys, smugglers, etc.

Cabra Lighthouse - Crew: 2

Customs/Harbor Staff - 60 people

There functions include inspecting new ships arriving in port, aranging port space for those ships, and collecting fees and taxes.

Navy Yard:

 Drydock for building or overhauling 6 ships of the 100-220 foot length

 2 Frigates are currently under construction

 Current workforce is 200, but varies depending on the number of ships being overhauled, repaired, or built. 200 is about the minimum.

Smaller ships (I.e., ferrys and coastal patrol) tend to be built on contract at private yards.

 1100 Merchant Marine
 3600 Navy Sailors
1400 Marines
 200 Harbor Sailors/Staff (I.e., Coast Guard and Customs)
 200 Construction workers
 1 Lighthouse keeper
 1 Assistant Lighthouse keeper

Total: 6502