Session 10-11

In the aftermath of the battle, Martin called the family to a family meeting in the library. Dexter and Root were badly injured and in the infirmary. Alexandria and Diedre were included in the meeting.

Martin called the meeting to let the family know that he believed there was an enemy. He was going to hunt down. Martin made a point that he was not abdicating or a steward. The family was to pretend he was on a short voyage to outsiders for as long as possible and fudge after that. Martin refused to give any information about who he believed the enemy was. In response to Caitlin's close questioning about the enemy, Martin believed he knew the "true source" of the attacks, but not the secondary or immediate source of the attacks. Martin's children were to guard Amber in his absense.

Carton asked if Diedre would be going with Martin. Diedre responded that she would be accompanying Martin on the first leg of his journey, but would return in a week or two.

Martin announced that he would be meeing individually with several of the family then took Diedre and Carton off to another room leaving the rest of the family to discuss the battle.

There was sporatic conversation and pooling of information. Carton had traced the funding of the assination attempt back to Karun the one-armed of Ganesh. Of course, Caitlin had killed him during the battle. The source of the catapults turned out to be Theodore's personal shadow (Tik Tok).

Caitlin announced her plan to recruit new troops for Amber. Grace needed to also recruit more marines.

Alexandria informed the family that an unknown man had tried to walk the pattern. He was part way along when Diedre caught him at it and had trumped away. Trumping off the pattern implied a great deal of knowledge and power that none of the younger members of the family understood.. Diedre had said his name was Quentin, but she had not known anything else about him. The man had reached the pattern by killing guards.

The meeting broke up with everyone going about their separate business.

Grace's days following the meeting were filled the thousand organizational detalils of rebuilding Amber's Navy. Another ship had been damaged during the attack making a total of six ships in need of extensive repair. The city's defenses and the harbor also needed a lot of construction work. On top of that the marines had lost a third of their manpower in the attack.

Grace decided to take advantage of the one useful source of manpower available: the pirates. Most of the pirates were ordinary recruits who regretted their decision. Grace

Aki-Hara gave tips to several pirate fleet tips separately until told about Memphis ship laden with gems, expected Amber fleet to meet with money. should have been able to defeat but didn't feel somewhat taken in by him at the end several descriptions jibe

Send gems and Memphis sailors back to Memphis

Inspecting a ship, After a week - trump contact from Diedre - gaunt, smokey, place to rest and back to castle

Thought about strange ship in storm on ocean, Investigate it alone, someone out there who doesn't want to be seen,

OK give it a shot, may have to chaulk it up to life's mysteries