Session 9

Grace prepared Amber for its defense. Caitlin had left this in her hands, and while city defense was not something Grace had planned before, she knew she only had to hold the city long enough for Caitlin to arrive with reserves. So far the enemy had not shown that they had any ships. This freed Grace to focus on defense of the city with her mixed force of city watch, marines, and militia while maintaining lookouts for ships approaching Amber.
    There was an intense period of activity as the civilian population was moved away from the walls while 2/3 of her makeshift forces mounted guard on the wall and 1/3 took positions as strategic reserve. What was flammable in catapult range had to be wetted down while the food and water supplies were secured against a seige. The Mary Rose, Antelope, Lion, and Sea-Wolf were positioned to fire on the approaching army. The Swallow and Salamader were awaiting orders that would take them away from Amber. In the event the worst happened, messages would have to travel quickly through the Golden Circle.
    After the intense activity, there was then just the waiting and watching as the city continued to get updates on the approach of the invaders.

    At 3:00 PM, the Ganeshi forces came within sight of the city advancing toward the line of the Amber's army. There were at least three times as many of them as there were of Amber forces. The Ganeshi army included siege engines but not the Ganeshi moonriders. Where were this elite force? The Ganeshi army set up the catepults at what appeared to be an extreme range from the Amber line of battle and fired over their heads and hit the wall on the first launch. Grace caught one detail, the catapult moved on many small legs not wheels. First shot landed well passed where Grace had expected the range to be.
    The rangers moved into position and began to attack the seige machines. Catlin's brought her forces down to engage the opposite side.  Grace watched the Chaos of battle from the wall looking for a place where her troops could do more than be shot at. The marines steadied the line on the wall. They were used to artillary attacks. Grace had to divert more of the watch and militia to damage control and putting out fires than she would have liked, but for right now, her troops would not be useful in the field. Grace accepted her limited role in the battle. Repositioning ships to avoid damage seemed the best that she could do with the navy for right now.

    The fighting was extremely heavy especially around the catapults. When it became clear that the battle was not coming to the city, Grace lead the marines to assist Caitlin in attacking the catapults. The battle was fiercest around the catapults. Eventually, Amber's forces won but at a tremendous cost of 80% losses and tremendous damage to the castle. Gustav showed up in the afternoon with troops. Galen and Martin showed up late bringing in additional reinforcements.